The DrinkTime App / by Mark Kropf

As an exercise to begin learning Swift (not the blobstore) I've started work on an app called DrinkTime. The idea for the application came from talking to my good bud Zach Robinson about how silly the Yo app is, and how they really missed the primary use of a single word communication app, Drinks?. The DrinkTime application is designed to ask the one word question everyone begins to think about as the end of the work day approaches. The DrinkTime app is broken down into 3 easy steps.

  1. Where do you propose having the drinks? Enter in a location or point of interest of the drinking establishment of your choice. It only takes one decisive person in the group to make this mission a success.
  2. Who should you prop the question of "Drinks?" to? Pick from a list of friends you've already added to the application.
  3. Send the message and watch as people update their status on who will be coming out to drink that night.

I'm hoping to learn a bunch with this app, and maybe even use it for after work drinks myself. Here's the list of hurdles I need to overcome:

  • Nobody likes creating yet another account, so I should partner with the least intrusive, most likely to have coworkers willing to share social platform. 
  • I'm not interested in recreating foursquare or untapped here, let's start out by pulling location data from someone that has it. Yelp?
  • Oh yeah, probably should learn enough of swift to be able to hack this together.
  • An app as epic as this should get its own set of artwork.

Ok, that about does it, hopefully there will be more posts showing how well this app is coming together. For now there's just this:

 DrinkTime Alpha Screenshot 07/21/2014

DrinkTime Alpha Screenshot 07/21/2014