General Availability of .NET Support on Windows for Cloud Foundry / by Mark Kropf

After a busy 10 months of active development by Cloud Foundry foundation members from Centurylink, HP, and Pivotal, the Garden-Windows & Diego-Windows releases are now GA'd. This first release targets Windows 2012 R2 and provides support for a broad set of .NET applications. The release of this .NET support on Windows corresponds with the GA of the Cloud Foundry Diego runtime architecture. This new runtime architecture allowed us to implement windows support natively within the common components of the Cloud Foundry runtime. 

This first release of the Cloud Foundry runtime for .NET developers on Windows is deployed using two unattended MSI installers. The first installer deploys the garden-windows components that implement core container primitives in Windows and presents a standard garden API. The second installer deploys the Cloud Foundry runtime components cross compiled for Windows. These components use the exact same source code as what run in a Cloud Foundry linux environment, the installer delivers them pre-compiled for Windows.

Installing this first release is easily done via using the install command generator that is released with each Diego-Windows build. The generator takes bosh login information to harvest the required configuration data out of an existing Cloud Foundry runtime install and make it available to the Windows MSI installers. In addition to a simple install, this release also supports an upgrade path that is similar to what Bosh provides. Invoking the uninstall command against either of the installers invokes the Cloud Foundry runtime cluster to gently drain workload off of the cell. This draining capability makes it very easy to do zero downtime upgrades of the Cloud Foundry .NET support on Windows. 

The Pivotal team in NYC along side our remote Cloud Foundry foundation participants will continue to iterate this release and invest in new features such as:

Thanks again for the brave team in the NYC Pivotal office along side our friends at Centurylink and HP for all the hard work that went into this release.