REPOS for Windows Support in Cloud Foundry now public / by Mark Kropf

Today the collaborative effort between Pivotal and CenturyLink has reached another milestone in adding support for windows in Cloud Foundry. After approval from the Cloud Foundry CAB we've promoted the repos needed to implement windows support in diego-release to the CloudFoundry Incubator org on github. This will allow the Cloud Foundry community a very early look into our work. The following repos are now publicly available and ready for contributions from the CF OSS community:


1. windows_app_lifecycle - The windows application lifecycle implements the traditional Cloud Foundry deployment strategy. The Builder downloads buildpacks and app bits, and produces a droplet. The Launcher runs the start command using a standard rootfs and environment. The Healthcheck runs a tcp port check, defaulting to port 8080. Read about the app lifecycle spec here:

2. garden-windows - This is a Windows backend for garden.

3. containerizer - Our soon to be renamed C# project that makes the windows kernel calls to containerize your application.

4. diego-release - We have a branch on the diego-release repo where we keep any updates needed to run a windows stack in diego.

What's next?

You can always follow along with the team's progress using our tracker. The next big milestone for the team is to produce a beta release of the windows support via an msi installer. The beta will be the first time where a user could install this into an existing diego environment with minimal manual effort. Today the repos alone could be deployed to an environment with success, but with a lot of manual setup and hand holding. To be absolutely clear, this is not a alpha/beta release, just open sourcing the repos so we can start actively collaborating with the CF OSS community. 


We're very fortunate to have such a talented team of developers from both CenturyLink and Pivotal contributing to this project. 

Thank you: Mike Dalessio, David Varvel, Dave GoddardDavid Morhovich, Brannon Jones, Bob Brumfield, Chris Sterling, Matt Cholick, and Jared Gordon

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress towards Windows support in CF