Project Greenhouse Update / by Mark Kropf

The Greenhouse Project team has reached another milestone towards our first release. The team recently completed the required garden api endpoints to support the initial Diego functionality. The project is tracking well toward a release with Diego coming up this summer. 

We've been impressed with the amazing support that Microsoft has provided us both on this project and the Azure CPI project for Bosh. We are eager to continue to partner with them to produce the most secure windows container available. There will be a great session this year at summit discussing their involvement with Cloud Foundry on the CPI project.

The Greenhouse team is now engaged with multiple Cloud Foundry Foundation members with exciting new Windows contributions to be announced at CF Summit on May 11th and 12th in the Windows CF ecosystem. 

Finally, I'd like to share a quick teaser video showing off the installer work the team has been working on. This installer along with a script to prep a fresh install of Windows Server 2012 for Diego will be available on PivNet soon. In the video you'll also see me push our test application Nora and scale it up while getting log data from our log aggregation system.

I'd also like to once again thank our amazing Greenhouse NYC dev team along with our new Greenhouse Product Manager Kimberly.